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Power Supply Problem Detection and possible repair

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Power Supply Problem Detection and possible repair

Post  Admin on Tue May 25, 2010 9:17 am

Let's begin.

What causes a power supply unit(psu) to fail? General rule states that power required must be less than or equal to power output. Overloading means poof, it's gone.

  1. First and foremost is to check power and current output of the area where you would place your pc.
  2. Verify psu power output.
  3. Except for factory defect, newly purchased pc's psu have sufficient power capacity.
  4. When upgrading or adding more devices inside your pc, be sure to follow the power general rule.
  5. Be vigilant on asking your favorite shops technicians of the power requirement of your prospect device. It will save you time and money if you let out that inquirer inside of you.

Know when psu is busted:
  • hmmm... smell something cooking? might be your psu.
  • Wow.. Fireworks display.... At the back of your psu? Fishy...
  • Obviously... No power
  • It just keeps restarting or suddenly turns-off
  • The computer boots up properly with minimal load. No harddisk and cdroms. tongue

The safety pin:
When your psu receives a sudden surge of current due to brownout/power interruption, power fluctuation or after power resumes, the safety fuse inside your psu, at times gets busted. This happens even if your using a powerstrip, avr(automatic voltage regulators) and rarely with ups(uninterruptible power supply) equipment. Will if your lucky, try replacing the busted fuse and test your psu output with a multitester/multimeter. But if the current didn't destroyed the fuse but still you psu is faulty, then it's time for a new psu.

If possible limit trying to revive a dead psu. Parts replacement, soldering and etc works. But if it's going to cause you more problems later like failure of other devices inside your pc then it's not worth it. Buy a new psu for a longer and safer use.

Have a great day and God Bless to all!

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